Silks Place Taroko

National Taroko Park|Taiwan


Taroko Gorge is one of Taiwan's hottest hiking spots, and Silks Place Taroko is one of the few luxury options in this rugged Formosa landscape. With the theme from natural elements of mountain, wood, water and stone amid a series of broad, spacious rooms decked out with gratings, marble, wood carvings and huge landscape windows.

Silks Place Taroko is part of the Silks Hotel Group, under the Silks Hotel brand. Away from the city center, this mountainside hotel, located in Hualien County, is the only 5-star hotel within the Taroko National Park. Silks Place Taroko is designed with Modern Chinese style, combining Taroko’s cultural and environmental characteristics, creating “elegant and sophisticated resort lifestyle” with exclusive services.


▼ Outdoor Swimming Pool
▼ River View Suite: The 70-sqm-spacious Room With Magnificent Breathtaking Views Of The Gorge. Relax On The Balcony And Enjoy The Gorge View, Juxtaposed Against The Lulling Sounds Of The Rushing River Creating An Unparalleled Symphony Of Nature’s Melodies
▼文山套房: 木質空間設計,21 坪寬敞房內可欣賞山嵐景色,享受群山環抱的自然氛圍。
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Luxury Hotel
Taiwan, Hualien

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