For top travelers, to create their exclusive special memories. For you, to explore unique and extraordinary experiences unceasingly. Up to the mountain, down to the sea, from Polaris to the Polar, from farm to table and vine to wine, we practice and customize every detail to become the expert, bringing you a marvelous experience.

FineDayClub is customized for members and offers the privileged service of one-on-one consultation. Make the most of your exclusive and tailor-made luxurious journey.

Main Service


Travel & Leisure

FineDayClub offers a journey beyond your imagination. Take a cruise with whale sharks, enjoy the tranquility of a private island, an exclusive tour takes you deep into the mountains, the surprise of diving into the deep sea, and the excitement of international races. FineDayClub will present them all for you!

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Gourmet & Wine

FineDayClub caters to your wine and dining needs, whether a limited menu of the Michelin-Starred restaurant, fresh cuisine from farm to table, rare and traditional culinary delights, or an extraordinary feast from sea to sky. FineDayClub is able to tailor make a special dining experience for different themes.

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As you pursue different lifestyles, FineDayClub will take you on a deep tour of exotic places, a wild luxury in the cloud and mist forest, a shock at the orchestra's pouring, the throbbing of art works, and a study in the fine craftsmanship, FineDayClub carves out a different and delicate face of your life.

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Luxury Hotel

Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, Paris, Milan, New York, etc. FineDayClub’s collection provides accommodations all over the world, with top-notch service, luxurious design and exquisite experiences. Provide you and your family or close friends a pleasant stay, with the most wonderful and comforting memories during the journey.

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