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HOSHINOYA is an accommodation with distinct themes, conceptualized from each location's land, history, and culture. Woven into these distinct themes is HOSHINOYA’s attention to detail in every aspect from the design to hospitality; contributing to the creation of a one-of-a-kind world of HOSHINOYA. Enrich the heart with the epiphanies of travel through a unique stay experience.

FineDayClub provides members with a selection of HOSHINOYA's best accommodations, including Tokyo, Kyoto, Fuji, Karuizawa and Okinawa. In addition to room reservation services, we can also assist in arranging itineraries and making reservations for experiential activities and restaurants, tailoring a perfect vacation for you.

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★FineDayClub members will receive Complimentary Medical Insurance from Hoshino Resorts, which covers medical expenses for injuries and illnesses incurred during the stay (COVID-19 included, Travel Period: Until December 31, 2023)


HOSHINOYA FUJI is located halfway up the mountain at an altitude of about 100 meters, facing Mount Fuji and overlooking Lake Kawaguchi, and hidden in the shade of the forest. The overall architectural concept is based on the main axis of luxury and fashionable camping glamping, with a simple camping cabin that blurs the sense of outdoor and indoor space, the fragrance of coniferous woods in all directions, the cloud terrace with its stacked wooden stairs, and the fire and aroma of the campfire, building your imagination of the outdoors bit by bit.

HOSHINOYA Fuji is nearly hidden by the surrounding woods, located 100 meters up the slope of a mountain, facing Mt. Fuji and overlooking Lake Kawaguchi. The overall concept is based on luxury and fashionable Glamping, with a simple designed cabin that blurs the border of outdoor and indoor space. The cloud terrace with wooden stairs is full of the fragrance of woods, the light of campfire, offering a perfect dream outdoor private time.

Unadorned concrete walls form the exterior of cabins at HOSHINOYA Fuji, giving them a contemporary façade. Interiors are minimalist and subdued in color to accentuate the majestic views of the lake - as well as Mt. Fuji - that fills the glass wall at the far end. The bedroom and bathroom are free of excess elements to suggest to guests that staying outdoors is both simpler and more relaxing than they may expect. On the other side of the glass wall is a balcony that seamlessly connects the outside to the inside. It is furnished with a wide sofa that compels guests to sit down and stretch their legs out as if they were indoors, and a custom-built table with one end designed to maintain a fire at night. Cabins are designed to convey the joys of living in nature. They are located on a slope of red pines and a handful of cherry, ginkgo, and maple trees. On the ground, an assortment of pink, yellow, and white flowers bloom at different times of the year. Whatever the season, guests can enjoy a range of vibrant colors from the comfort of their cabins.

T Cabin
Occupancy: Maximum 2 Adults 
With a twin bed designed for superior sleep, a sofa on the balcony, and a simple bathroom

S Cabin
Occupancy: Maximum 2 Adults 
There are only 1 of these special cabins, each of which features a balcony furnished with a wood stove. While listening to the fire, snapping and crackling will make guests feel as if they are in their own private getaway

F Cabin
Occupancy: Maximum 3 Adults 
The only cabin that can accommodate 3 guests, offers a spaciousness that allows the majestic views of Lake Kawaguchi to fill up the cabin

D Cabin
Occupancy: Maximum 2 Adults 
This cabin is furnished with a king bed, as well as a glass wall that offers a clear view of the majestic scenery that extends in all directions.

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▼An Panoramic View Of Mount Fuji (Images/© Hoshino Resorts)
▼Walking In The Forest With Fresh Air (Images/© Hoshino Resorts)
▼The Cloud Terrace With Wooden Stairs Features Campfire To Create A Full Camping Atmosphere (Images/© Hoshino Resorts)
▼Enjoy Sukiyaki With Wild Boar And Venison For A Winter Limited Dinner At A Special Table Surrounded By A Bonfire Set In A Winter Forest (Images/© Hoshino Resorts)
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